On the Threshhold of Windows 9

Toward the end of September — September 30 to be exact — I’ll be spying on computer world news. Spy with newspaper

Intelligence reports mark this date as a likely press event to unveil Windows 9 (code-name: Threshhold).

In April 2014, attendees at the Build conference were treated to a sneak peek of Threshhold. Rollout date is currently set for April 2015.

Why the hurry? Windows 8 just debuted. Therein lies the problem.

Windows 8 has received a less than stellar reputation. For the general computing public, Windows 8 is too heavy on apps and too light on desktop functionality. Honestly, I like Windows 8 —  my previous OS was Vista, the OS that almost single-handedly brought down the free world. I’ve also not upgraded to 8.1 because of a number of sketchy reviews from people who did.

I’m praying Microsoft’s trend of great OS – poor OS – great OS – poor OS continues making Windows 9 the next XP or 7. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft releases bad OS’s on purpose so the good ones look phenomenal by comparison. I know, I know. What happened to my glass-half-full mentality? It’s still here, just undercover. 😉

On the Threshhold of Windows 9

I’ve tracked down a few new features of Windows 9. Beware, nothing is one hundred percent set in concrete gumshoes.

Changes/features may or may not be universal across desktops, laptops, and tablets (we hope not); and Microsoft could tweak anything to insure the best performance for each specific hardware device (we hope so).


    • Start menu is back, just when we Windows 8 users figured out how to live without it. It’s probably like a bicycle: once you can learn, you never forget.
    • This is a leaked printscreen of the new Start menu.Windows_9_Start_Menu_Neowin









  • Removal of the Charms bar.side commands

Remember the Windows 8 bar that opens when you hover over the right top or bottom of your desktop? Yep, that’s the Charms bar. Honestly, it’s more of an Apple-wanna-be bar. It’s not coming back. At least not in Windows 9.

  • Metro apps are still a part of Windows 9, but in  a much lesser capacity… or so it’s said. Some of the leaked screenshots make me wonder about the reliability of the operatives. They’re reporting Window 9 Apps will open in small desktop windows.

What’s a metro app?  It’s all those little box programs that show up on the Windows 8 Start Screen, including the ones you added from the App Store.  Metro apps are fantastic if you have a touch screen tablet, but — as everyone found out with Windows 8 — not very user-friendly for keyboard computers.

  • Greater ability to personalize.Windows-9 Personalize










  •  Cortana — Microsoft’s voice-based assistant currently available on Windows Phone only — could be part of Windows 9.

Don’t panic. You’ll probably be given the choice to turn her off and on. And guys? Enjoy it. You may never get a chance to silence a woman this easily again.

  • Possibility the new Windows OS will be subscription-based.

Rumors are flying about the price. Software watchers vary in opinion of the cost from Windows 9 being free or negligible to subscription-based. Remember Office 365 priced at $100? It’s a subscription-based MS program. You get to use it for 365 days. When your subscriptions runs out — you guessed it — you have to pay again. Personally $100 annually for an upgrade is way to expensive for my taste. If Microsoft charges a subscription fee anywhere close to Office 365, and Windows 9 doesn’t perform up to expectations, this could start the next Cold War with OS defections inevitable.

I’ll leave you with a few more leaked screenshots of Windows 9. Enjoy.

Thanks again for following Patti’s Pathways. 😀

Windows 9 Desktop:













DISCLAIMER: Any and all ideas presented in this blog are solely my own unless otherwise noted. I experience troubles with technology just like any other person, and if I stumble upon a fix or suggestion I feel could benefit others I pass it along. At no time, have I suggested or implied that I hold any degrees or certificates related to computer repair.

I have during my career assembled parts into working computers; done troubleshooting on hardware and software; utilized a great many computer programs and software; designed and updated websites and blogs; as well as created brochures, banners, and flyers.


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