Monthly Archives: September 2015

The True Value of Readers

If you’ve been following my blog, you know one of my current challenges is getting Windows 8 to play nice with me so I can upgrade to Windows 8.1 then on to my ultimate goal: Windows 10.

Because of this, I’m not able to actually test drive a Windows 10 OpenGL fix so I asked my readers who had Windows 10, and had used my OpenGL fix successfully, to assist a fellow reader.

I’m not sure the trouble is resolved, but I need to send a heartfelt thank you for assisting with the problem to Brian.

thank you

Besides a huge thank you to Brian, I’m forewarning the rest of you that if I’ve helped you in the past and you were so gracious to thank me because it worked, don’t be surprised if I request your expertise in the future, 😉

Have a super week-end, and thanks again for following Patti’s Pathways. 😀