Windows 10 Free Download

On July 29 2015, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10. No, I don’t have my copy because I’m still struggling with the dreaded 0x.80070002 error. But just in case you aren’t, but don’t see the free update icon, here’s a helpful article from logo round

Some Info on the New Windows 10:

Windows 10 download is free to “qualifying users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Phone.

“What?” you ask, “Windows 7 gets a free Windows 10 upgrade?” Yep. Here’s what I’d do if it were me with Windows 7…

I’d wait. I have a netbook with Windows 7. I’ll download my free Windows 10 upgrade for my netbook then wait. I have one year after the rollout date of Windows 10 to install it.

Within that year, two things are going to happen. 1) I have Windows 8 on my laptop so I’ll upgrade on it first and test Windows 10 for myself. 2) Enough time and enough people will have tested Windows 10 in eight months or so that I can make an educated decision if I wish to permanently rid myself of Windows 7 (the last stable Windows OS).

Remember, I still have to resolve a Windows 8 error code or two before I can download Windows 10. When I said Windows 7 was the last stable version of Windows, I wasn’t kidding.

I’ll let you know later what I think of the new OS.

Have a great week-end, and thanks for following Patti’s Pathways.:-D




4 thoughts on “Windows 10 Free Download

  1. sushil aka vicky


    First of all I’m so thankful to u. You reply so quickly and u’re so helpful. I had gone through ur blogs sublink and found my answer in one of the comments. I used his technique and it worked. U rock…U r so kind…By d way u hav a link tht states pay for coffee. But I dont think I can pay for ur coffee, as we cannot use paypal(If u hav any other option, do let me know). Hav u ever come to India? Be my guest, I’ll show u around…..

    Till den, once again thank u so much for helping me out, giving time to find solution to the problem. Do contact me if I can be of any help. Whts ur email address?

    God bless u.

    Sushil aka Vicky


    1. Patti Post author

      Yay! I’m so glad you found the information you needed to make your computer play nicely with you. If I’m ever in India, you can certainly buy me a cup of coffee.:-D Be safe and game on!


  2. sushil aka vicky

    Dear Patti,

    First of all thank u so much for such a great upload and blog. I accidently discovered it. But my primary reason for coming here is regarding the OpenGL error I’m facing, and I think you ‘re the only saviour. I have Dell Studio 1558 laptop. Same problem, Dell will not provide drivers for windows 8. I have updated to Windows 8, as a result I’m also facing the same error. Stuck wid OpenGL 1.1 I have Mobile Series 5 Chipset/3400 Intel ic5 . I hav AMD ATI Mobility Radeon 5000 series, which is 2gb dedicated. The steps u have mentioned, didnt work in my case.

    I tried making changes to the notepad which I got after extracting from Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD, Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD, v., A05

    Please help, how I can proceed further. Thanks

    frm India


    1. Patti Post author

      Thanks for the note, Vicky.

      I did see there’s a new Windows 10 beta… um, something on the Minecraft website (an Open GL game). I’ll check it out as soon as I can get Windows 8 to upgrade to Windows 8.1. Tried resolving issues again yesterday. No luck. 😦

      Now onto your problem, Vicky. Btw, read my entire reply before going forward.

      First, back up your computer before downloading anything else. I’m not sure this helps with driver downloads rather than programs, but best to try.

      I found the drivers for your computer here: Free Dell 1558 Drivers. The graphics drivers you need are a few sections down. The drivers listed under AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series have descriptions of Catalyst. I don’t think these are the ones to use. I think you should try the Intel Windows 7 drivers the next section down.

      The problem is these are .exe files, and .zips are much easier to tweak to our needs.

      I searched/googled a .zip of the file I think you should try: 151718. FYI: I found the driver description by hovering my mouse over the download button. If this driver doesn’t work, you can search for other driver .zips using the same technique from the listings on the Dell 1558 free driver site.

      If you want to use the .exe, you’ll have to prevent it from installing automatically. This comes with frustration. It also means changing your settings to download and not install. I’m not familiar with your computer, but there should be instructions on the web on how to accomplish that. I’d save the driver to my desktop and manually choose to open it in Notepad or Wordpad. Since I’m not sure it will be readable, I’d be prepared to save the driver as a .zip file using Zip7 or Winzip, then use that .zip file.

      FYI: when downloading drivers from an unfamiliar download site, which Driverpack is to me, watch for annoying add-on programs, like, and uncheck any boxes enabling them to download with your driver. See Extra Annoying Programs

      I know it seems like a lot of trouble, but it depends on how much you want to tweak your Windows 8 to use OpenGL.

      Wishing you focused thinking and tons of luck. 😉




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