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Windows 10 Free Download

On July 29 2015, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10. No, I don’t have my copy because I’m still struggling with the dreaded 0x.80070002 error. But just in case you aren’t, but don’t see the free update icon, here’s a helpful article from logo round

Some Info on the New Windows 10:

Windows 10 download is free to “qualifying users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Phone.

“What?” you ask, “Windows 7 gets a free Windows 10 upgrade?” Yep. Here’s what I’d do if it were me with Windows 7…

I’d wait. I have a netbook with Windows 7. I’ll download my free Windows 10 upgrade for my netbook then wait. I have one year after the rollout date of Windows 10 to install it.

Within that year, two things are going to happen. 1) I have Windows 8 on my laptop so I’ll upgrade on it first and test Windows 10 for myself. 2) Enough time and enough people will have tested Windows 10 in eight months or so that I can make an educated decision if I wish to permanently rid myself of Windows 7 (the last stable Windows OS).

Remember, I still have to resolve a Windows 8 error code or two before I can download Windows 10. When I said Windows 7 was the last stable version of Windows, I wasn’t kidding.

I’ll let you know later what I think of the new OS.

Have a great week-end, and thanks for following Patti’s Pathways.:-D



Scammers are freezing iPad and iPhone browsers

Those pesky scammers are at it again. Breaking your stuff and then charging you to fix it.

Be one of the informed, and don’t fall for it.

If you see this, be warned
ipad-iphone scam

For the entire article, click here. Don’t fall prey.

Have a great summer.