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A Tale of Two Mice

It takes a lot these days to agitate me enough to write a blog; there’s so many more dire things happening in the world right now that I hate to be petty.

But I have a tale to tell. A tale of two mice.
two mice pic

The Corsair M65 PRO RGB sold for $58.95 when purchased the end of December 2019.

The Logitech G502 sold for $53.93 when we purchased it in mid-September 2019.


The person using these mice lives on disability so his live streaming is more than a hobby. I helped him purchase the Corsair mouse to get by until the Logitech was replaced. The Logitech was purchased with a 4-year warranty so I was in no hurry to return it.

FYI: The gaming mice of preference are the Mad Catz R.A.T. series, but from what I understand they are no longer in production.

As fate would have it the Corsair went out within a few months. He’s now using a $13 Big Lots knock off which isn’t the best, but works.

Here’s where life gets interesting. I first tried to return the Logitech G502. I am still shell-shocked on the hoops they expected me to jump through to return a mouse. Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal, but I have better things to do with my time than go on a wild goose chase trying to troubleshoot a broken mouse. To my embarrassment I actually did try some of these.

Logitech email 1

Now for the next email.

Logitech email 2

And the next.

Logitech email 3

facepalm smileyfacepalm smiley
This is simply amazing to me, and not in a good way. 


And now for the Corsair email exchanges.

Corsair email

Corsair Email 2

The Corsair mouse is on its way back to the factory.

The Logitech mouse? Not so much. After the fiasco Logitech calls customer service for factory warranty mice issues I may wait until the extended warranty kicks in.


Well, tried to comply with Logitech’s request for pictures. They are in .zip so file size isn’t the issue. This may be a Gmail block, but I have a gut feeling it’s Logitech because of the email I received from them next regarding no longer accepting emails.
Error sending photos to Logitech

The Saga Continues…

Received this email today when I tried to send the photos like requested. They can email me FROM this email address, but not receive my reply now? Really?

Notice of email ceasing











The Next Chapter to the Mouse Saga!

Have a reply from Logitech this week:

041320 Logitech

And a reply from Corsair:

Corsaid 04142020


Received replacement Corsair mouse on April 18.
Received replacement Logitech mouse on April 22.

Corsair mouse time and trouble to replace: almost none.
Logitech mouse time and trouble to replace : wayyyy toooo much!

Lesson learned: purchase Corsair mice, not Logitech.
Thank you, Corsair Customer Service for being easy to work with!

And thank you, readers, for listening. Stay safe and be vigilant!