Adding a Single Playlist to Your iPod

No, your eyesight is fine. I am posting a second post in as many weeks.

When I have troubles with something (or need to figure out a how-to all over again), it’s probably a safe bet more people have this problem than just me.

My challenge this week was adding a single playlist to my iPod. At first blush, iTunes is not that user-friendly. Actually, it’s fairly simple.

It’s time to make sense of the nonsensical. I knew you’d be excited.

A little background and my thoughts: I love music. I don’t have cable tv or a satellite dish —  I did, never used it. When I’m home, music is my constant companion.CD

My music comes from the radio, CD’s, or digital downloads. People work hard making the media that give me energy, inspiration, and joy so I do not condone pirating or bootlegging music, videos and movies, or computer software,

Tip: If you can’t afford or have an aversion to buying music, you can a) use the radio airwaves for free, b) ask for music gift cards at every occasion, and/or c) get a cheap monthly subscription to a legitimate music hosting website.

Now… the reason you came to this blog in the first place: Adding playlists to an iPod.

I’m taking a leap of faith that you know how to get your music from your digital downloads or CD’s into iTunes. That’s the easy part.


mp3 player

1) Plug your iPod into you computer’s USB port.

2) I believe default settings will open iTunes automatically at this point.

If not, you’ll need to locate the iTunes program. Try C:/Program Files or look for an icon on your desktop.

3) In iTunes, double left-click the iPod image in top right corner.

NOTE: Don’t click the up arrow on the right side of the iPod button. This will close your iPod. If you did, simply unplug the iPod’s USB and replug, It will show up again in the same place.

SECOND NOTE: If iTunes is not recognizing your iPod through your PC, reset the iPod connection by holding down the Menu + Center area together until the apple (Apple Icon) shows up on your screen (6-10 seconds). Now your iPod should show up on your PC.ipod plugged in

4) Click on the On This iPod tab. Now you can see what’s on your iPod.On this iPod
5) Click on Add To…

You’ve just opened a window showing what’s in your iTunes Library (left red arrow) and what’s on your iPod (right red arrow). iPod and iTunes Lists
6) Left-click, hold and drag the playlist you wish to add from iTunes and drop into your iPod lists.Drag and Drop

Congrats! You’ve done it! See, there’s a Done button at the top right. 😀


To add movies is primarily the same as music. The only difference is to choose Movies in the left dropdown iTunes menu instead of Music.

Left dropdown menu

Click Add To…, then Drag and Drop.


iTunes treats photos as completely different creatures. You can’t add a single photo to your iPod photo library. However, you can save a folder (or multiple folders) of photos, add/delete photos within it, and re-sync it to your player when you want to change those photos.

1) Make a folder of photos you want on your iPod.
I named mine “iPod Photos”. Yes, I’m just smart that way.

2) Plug in your iPod,

3) Open your ipod.
iPod plugged in
4) Left-click the Photos tab
ipod photo tab
5) Choose your folder.
Choose folder photo

6) Check Sync Photos From box.

7) Click Apply at the bottom right to tell the software to choose your folder.

8) Click Sync

Voila! Your photos are on you iPod.

I hope this helped answer questions and solve problems you had with iTunes. Now, go enjoy your newly added music, movies and photos. What are you waiting for? Go,

Oh, and thanks for visiting Patti’s Pathways. Y’all come back now, ya’ hear 😉


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